Moira Tuohy is a born and bred New Yorker who currently resides in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. She has two children, Lennon and Eden, who have brought her to this vision along the way.

Over the past eight years, Moira has worked in numerous NYC public and charter schools educating grades K-12 in Art. She has a Master’s Degree from Brooklyn College, where she fell in love with the process of learning through art. After teaching elementary, middle and high school in the past years, she has also begun leading art-making activities for adults in the education world and outside.

“Access to art making is important for us all. We are all creators with capabilities to be unleashed through art. Painting, clay, collage, and various other art forms bring us in balance and help us better understand our self in the world.”  Through her own artistic practice, Moira has created large set design paintings, oil paintings, clay works and drawings that have a relevance to her life, as well as a bridge upon the abstract. Her expression and vividness will shine through the Art Heart Bus for all!